That night you let me hit it so hard,
I knocked your mask off.
I knew you were two faced, bitch.
Zico (cr: Open Mic Session - Cypher IV @ Freestyle Day 020814; trans.)
 { To that one responsible kid who inspires me day by day, who lifts me up when pressure and fear are too much to handle; to that one person who never stops on pursuing his dreams, to that one pabo, who kills me whenever he held his pain. Thank you for existing! Happy 18th Birthday Kim Hanbin! I wish you all the best. } 
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2NE1 CL and Rita Ora - High Cut Magazine Vol.136

3/100 gifs of B.I [ how to rip your shirt ]
A brief description of YG EnterTROLLment
  • YGE: A company a trainee can curse at and flip off during a rap competition, and yet are allowed keep all the money won during that competition.
  • YGE: A company where imitating the CEO is a necessity.
  • YGE: A company that if you don't prove your worth & independence, you just might get looked over. .
  • YGE: A company that doesn't give a fuck about your social life, because after's yours. Enjoy.
  • YGE: A company where ALL the artists reek of confidence on stage, but are actually dorks off it.
  • YGE: A company where the trainees wear more expensive clothing than most celebrities.
  • YGE: A company where the backup dancers, trainers, and cordinoona's have more fans than some actual celebrities.
  • YGE: A company that pride themselves in not recruiting for looks, but yet manages to have some of the most gorgeous artists in the business.
  • YGE: A company that does whatever the fuck they want, regardless of what other people say.
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